The JettRide is a cross country cycle tour for teens to raise funds and awareness to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Monday – July 28, 2014 A Day off with the Van Houten’s

Posted on July 28, 2014

A great rest day was enjoyed by all at the Van Houten’s home. The day started with everyone getting a couple extra hours of sleep. We had a nice, lazy morning consisting of movies and video games. Evan came over this morning and joined in the activities. Later, we swam and continued our video games and movies.
Megan had to leave us for a few days to take care of some business, but no worries, she’ll be back soon. We are happy to welcome her replacement, Julianne, who arrived today, to the team!
We are so thankful to the Van Houten family for their amazing generosity and hospitality they always show us. We had a great time spending time with Kyle and Evan and relaxing. Tomorrow, Jack Van Houten will be joining us for the day! He has done the tour in previous years and we are excited to have him join us!

-The JettRiders


Sunday – July 27, 2014

After a fun night of swimming in the Olympic sized pool at the St. Jones High School, the riders arose at the usual time of 6 am. After a quick breakfast, they were on their way to Howell, Michigan.

The day was easy until the last 10 miles, when the team had to ride in the rain and humidity on dirt roads. We were all thankful to cool off in the Van Houten’s pool as soon as we arrived. Afterwards, the neighborhood came over for a barbecue. The kids played Wii, went swimming and watched The Office. We are happy to relax here tomorrow on our rest day.

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