The JettRide is a cross country cycle tour for teens to raise funds and awareness to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

July 29th – Gettysburg, PA

Posted on July 31, 2012

Hi guys- Today started off with us going out to breakfast. What
a treat! It was a good way to start off the long day ahead of us. With
full bellies we were ready to hit the road. The whole day was rolling
hills. Even though it was kind of hot everyone did well. Pauly had
trouble with his bike at one point but luckily it was able to be
fixed. Along the way we even stopped for ice cream. Yum! Gillian tried
to feed the group cat food at lunch and only Joe fell for it. The
people who knew it was cat food made predictions and they were spot
on. We knew Ty would recognize it was cat food because he has a cat.
We also knew Joe would eat it because he would feel bad no one had
touched the sandwiches. When he found out it was cat food he spit it
out immediately. Colby still wasn’t feeling 100 percent today. He had
a headache and Pauly wanted him to ride in the car. The biggest hill
of the day was between 2-3 miles. The lead group made awesome timing.
The other group got far behind because they got a little lost. Let’s
just say the group wasn’t too happy with Joe. He made them go up a
huge hill in the wrong direction! Everyone was happy to get to the
hotel and to have a day off tomorrow. We ordered pizza and we were
excited to watch the Olympics! One last thing, as many of you know Mac
and Drew started from the West coast. Be sure to check out their blog
at the link below for more highlights of their journey:

Love, The Jettriders

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