The JettRide is a cross country cycle tour for teens to raise funds and awareness to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

July 28th Hancock, MD

Posted on July 31, 2012

Hey guys. This morning had a little bit of a scary start. At
breakfast Colby passed out. We were all really scared for him. When he
woke up he wasn’t sure where he was. We knew Colby was back to himself
when one of the first things he said was “Did anybody get that on the
go pro?!” Colby said he was okay. He was sore and had a headache and
for safety reasons he didn’t bike. We all hope Colby feels better!
Please don’t scare us like that again. Today is also the year
anniversary of when Jack Van Houten broke his hand. Jack was Sherpa
today ( we all take turns being Sherpa- that means you don’t bike and
you ride in the support vehicle and help the driver set up for break
and lunch). Jack and Colby had fun being sherpas for Ty. Meanwhile,
the path the rest of us were on stunk. It was horrible! It was so
bumpy that our bikes were vibrating the whole way. Also, there was a
ton of mud so our tires were fish tailing. It was a long and slow day.
We did see some animals on the path which was cool. Some of the
favorites were deer and turtles. A deer even ran right in front of
someone’s bike! Another thing people enjoyed was right after lunch
when people jumped off a bridge and into the water. We biked between
62 and 65 miles today. Us and our bikes were all very dirty by the end
of the day. Thanks to Dave at the Church for buying us dinner at a
local restaurant.

Love, The Jettriders
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