The JettRide is a cross country cycle tour for teens to raise funds and awareness to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

JettRide 2014 Finale! August 15, 2014

Posted on August 18, 2014

Today the Jettriders said goodbye to each other on the last day of the Jettride. We enjoyed an easy 50 mile ride from Marlton to Point Pleasant. Thank you to Pauly and Lingsey for driving the van and allowing all the leaders to ride. After waiting at Dunkin Donuts we got a police escort to a parking lot where we decorated our bikes with streamers and balloons. Bruce, who was able to go the whole trip without any bike malfunctions, had to ride the last mile with a flat tire.

To bring us to point Pleasant Beach we had a parade consisting of a fire truck and many police escorts on bikes. Kaitlyn’s brother Ryan joined us during the parade in the duet bike which was being pushed by their friend Johnny. Kyle Van Houten and his brother, Jack, and mom also joined us for the parade. At the beach the riders reunited with their families after a long 62 days away from home.

We swam in the ocean and later that afternoon we had one last lunch together. We had a cookout on the beach consisting of hotdogs, hamburgers, salad, corn, and cake for dessert. We were happy to be joined by the Van Houtens, Michelle Burt and her daughter Courtney, and Tanner, a boy with DMD, and his family. At the end of the night the riders had to say their goodbyes to each other. We were proud of what we accomplished but also sad the trip was ending.

Thank you to the leaders, Megan, Dan, and Bruce, for doing a great job figuring out which way to go and keeping the kids safe as we crossed the United States. Thank you Kaitlyn, Delaney, Julianna, and Ezra for taking this amazing journey to fight Duchenne and for making a difference in the lives of all the families we visited. Thank you to the families of the riders who supported then in their decision to ride across the country. Many thank you’s for Pauly and Lingsey who met the riders at many places on our route. Thank you to all the families, churches, and schools who hosted the Jettriders. thank you to Michelle Burt who was such a big part of planning the trip. Without her, we would probably still be lost in South Dakota somewhere. ¬†Finally, we would like to thank everyone at the Jett Foundation and Adventure Cycling for making this trip possible. The 2014 JettRide was an amazing success we hope to see you all next year for JettRide 2015 to continue to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.


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