The JettRide is a cross country cycle tour for teens to raise funds and awareness to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

August 3rd – Point Pleasant, NJ

Posted on August 06, 2012

Finish line day!! It’s so crazy that it’s here. We woke up at
4:30 and we were on the road by 6:30. Since the roads were flat and we
were so excited we were going about 15 mph. We were actually early and
we stopped a few times. Megan and Jack did a great job leading the way
at the end since they know the area ( their grandfather lives right
near there).  Before the parade began we stopped to decorate our bikes
and helmets along with taking pictures. A lot of our parents and
family were up there and it was great to be reunited with them. The
rest were down at the beach and it was very exciting for all of us to
see family.  The parade was awesome! We had police escorts, fire
trucks, and most importantly boys with Duchenne leading the way. It
was an amazing way to end an amazing journey. When we got to the beach
we ran into the ocean. The waves were huge! We had some fun in the
water and then we headed over to lunch. It was good to be together as
a big group of riders, family, friends, and members of the Duchenne
community. We took lots of pictures.  At lunch medals were handed out
by Pauly and he gave a nice little speech about each rider. Pauly, you
were an outstanding tour  leader. You worked hard and you always had
our best interest in mind. You really understood us. Thanks for all
you did for us! Joe, Gillian, Ty, Megan, and Sarah we appreciate all
the hard work you guys put into leading us. We thank you so much. We
love all the leaders!  We are so lucky to have had all of you guiding
us on this journey and to have met such great people. We’d also like
to take this time to thank everyone we met along the way. It was
amazing how many people opened up their communities and homes to us.
Your generosity is outstanding and the trip couldn’t have happened
without people like you. A huge thanks also goes out to Michelle Burt.
Thanks for being the mastermind behind this whole trip. You are an
excellent planner and very well organized.  Later that night Jack and
Megan’s grandfather had us all over. It was lots of fun to hang out as
a group one last time. We did a lot of group hugs. All the riders
really did become family. We all got along so well ( we didn’t have
any drama on the trip)! It was so hard to say goodbye. We shared so
many days together and we made it through the hard days along with the
good together. We have created so many memories together that only
we’ll understand. The worst part about saying bye was that we don’t
know when our paths will cross again. Perhaps Jettride 2013?!
Love, The Jettriders
check out pictures from the finish line at the link

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