The JettRide is a cross country cycle tour for teens to raise funds and awareness to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

August 2nd – Evesboro, NJ

Posted on August 06, 2012

Today was a sad day. It was Gillian’s last day! We all wish she
could have stayed for the finish line but she was off to do another
bike tour. Now this whole trip Gillian has been the one that wakes us
all up in the morning. That is not an easy task! Especially the
teenage boys, they don’t like to be woken up early in the morning. So
for Gillian’s last day the group decided it was her turn to be woken
up by us. She slept in the car for fear of what we would do but she
forgot to lock it! At 6:30 we opened the doors to the car and began
shaking the car and chanting all sorts of things such as ” wake up
wake up!”, ” chop chop lemon drop chop chop”, and singing call me
maybe ( Gillian’s favorite song). She thought her wake up ended there
but she was wrong. She was then thrown into the pool. What a good
sport Gillian is!! Gillian didn’t complain and said it was refreshing.
After that the group went back to sleep for an hour. We got a good
night sleep with the air conditioning. We were all excited for
breakfast because we could actually toast our bagels and she bought
some sugary cereal ( which we haven’t had). The box of fruit loops was
gone in the blink of an eye! It was very hot and humid out but
thankfully we weren’t biking far. We only biked about 2 blocks away to
a local park where we got to kayak. It was so much fun! One of the
funniest parts was when Alec and Ty were flipped out of their double
kayak and they were trying to drain the water out of it. Workers had
to come and help them get back in. Gillian had to leave for the
airport while we were kayaking. Unfortunately not all of us could hear
her when we were on the water. So, not all of us got to say bye to her
which was upsetting. She called later and talked to all of us which
made us feel better. After kayaking we were tired. It’s hard work for
your arms and our arms definitely aren’t as strong as our legs( from
all the biking). We had a great picnic lunch at the park and Jake and
Victor were able to spend the day with us. After that we biked back to
the Doyle’s house. From there we were shuttled to the church we were
staying at. The gps took us every which way which resulted in the
drive taking a lot longer than it should have. This led to Justin
almost peeing his pants. He begged Ty to stop but Ty didn’t want to
make Pauly mad. After about an hour of Justin begging, a wrong turn,
and all of us chiming in that we had to pee too we finally stopped.
Justin was thrilled. For our final night together we went to a local
Italian restaurant named Francos. They were so nice there. They put a
picture of us on their Facebook page, gave us a free pizza, and free
cannolis. Thank you so much! They said they’d love to do more for us
next year. How sweet! It was nice to go out to dinner and enjoy our
last night together. Pauly gave us the option to shuttle tomorrow
because we would have to do 50 miles before 11 but we all want to
bike. It’s definitely bittersweet to realize that the trip is coming
to a close. It kind of feels like Christmas eve. You want Christmas to
come but in a way you don’t want the joy of the holiday to be over. It
definitely will be hard for us to sleep. Ty even redid Justin’s hair
so he would be finish line ready.

Love, The Jettriders

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