The JettRide is a cross country cycle tour for teens to raise funds and awareness to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

July, 2014

Join us at the 2014 JettRide Finish Line!

Posted on July 30, 2014

The JettRiders have been pedaling their way across American since June and will finally reach the end of their long journey on August 15th in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey! Come join us on that day and help cheer on the riders as they bike those last few miles and dip their bike tires in the Atlantic Ocean symbolizing the end of this years ride raising awareness for Duchenne!

Kelly and Gman’s Blog

Posted on July 30, 2014

The JettRiders had the pleasure of spending some time with Kelly and Garrett (Gman) over the weekend of July 19th in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.  They wrote a very nice blog about their time with the JettRiders and also included some awesome pictures! Check out their blog at the link below:

Kelly and Gman Blog

Photo Credit: Kelly Gardner

Tuesday – July 29, 2014

Posted on July 30, 2014

Today, the Jettriders left the comforts of the Van Houten house to continue our journey to Point Pleasant, NJ. The team was happy to have Jack Van Houten join us for today’s ride. Today was also Julianne’s first full day as a Jettrider.

5 minutes into our 75 mile ride, Delaney got her first flat tire of the trip. With the help of Dan and Julianne the tire was fixed and the riders continued. Lunch was provided by Carol and Sue of the Peoples Presbyterian  Church in Milan. Unfortunately, Delaney’s bad luck continued and she got another flat tire later in the afternoon.

The team arrived in Temperance, Michigan around 3pm. After Mr. Van Houten picked Jack up, the rest of the team went to the local YMCA which provided showers and dinner. After supper, the team went to a big Cabela’s in Dundee to shop and look at the stuffed animals. After an icecream at McDonalds, the team went back to the church to sleep and rest up for the next day.

Monday – July 28, 2014 A Day off with the Van Houten’s

Posted on July 28, 2014

A great rest day was enjoyed by all at the Van Houten’s home. The day started with everyone getting a couple extra hours of sleep. We had a nice, lazy morning consisting of movies and video games. Evan came over this morning and joined in the activities. Later, we swam and continued our video games and movies.
Megan had to leave us for a few days to take care of some business, but no worries, she’ll be back soon. We are happy to welcome her replacement, Julianne, who arrived today, to the team!
We are so thankful to the Van Houten family for their amazing generosity and hospitality they always show us. We had a great time spending time with Kyle and Evan and relaxing. Tomorrow, Jack Van Houten will be joining us for the day! He has done the tour in previous years and we are excited to have him join us!

-The JettRiders


Sunday – July 27, 2014

After a fun night of swimming in the Olympic sized pool at the St. Jones High School, the riders arose at the usual time of 6 am. After a quick breakfast, they were on their way to Howell, Michigan.

The day was easy until the last 10 miles, when the team had to ride in the rain and humidity on dirt roads. We were all thankful to cool off in the Van Houten’s pool as soon as we arrived. Afterwards, the neighborhood came over for a barbecue. The kids played Wii, went swimming and watched The Office. We are happy to relax here tomorrow on our rest day.

Thursday – July 24, 2014

Posted on July 25, 2014

Today the Jettriders enjoyed a short ride to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We continued traveling on the beautiful bike trails. We arrived at the church around 11 and explored Milwaukee in the afternoon.

The Jettriders enjoyed a cookout provided by the pastor and her friends and family for dinner. We enjoyed a beautiful view of Lake Michigan  and a delicious dinner of turkey, potato salad, and coleslaw.

After a game of Bocci Ball, the Jettriders roasted marshmallows and ate delicious rhubarb pie. The Jettriders turned in early to prepare for the early morning the next day to get on the ferry.

Wednesday – July 23, 2014

Posted on July 24, 2014

Today started with all of us wanting to remain in the comfort of our luxurious beds at the Hilton Garden Inn. We ate a delicious breakfast and hit the road bright and early. For the majority of the day we rode in the shade of gravel bike paths. Along the path, Dan and Julianna were  minding their own business when out of nowhere a huge bird ( probably a crane) darted from the side of the path crowing and scared us. After we realized what happend we burst into laughter and continued riding.

After arriving at Emmanuel United Church of Christ, we enjoyed some refreshments prepared by some of the church members. We then took showers and got ready for dinner. A buffet of food was set out for our choosing and it was delectable!

Later on, we met Cody, who is 18 and battling Duchenne. He and his family drove down to see us and we had a nice time chatting with them. Thanks for coming out today!

– The JettRiders


Update on Xavier- As you already know, we met Xavier and his family in Minneapolis. He is a fun loving kid who loves tea cup pigs and being goofy. Unfortunately, we recieved some bad news regarding Xavier’s latest doctor’s appointment.  He has been diagnosed with an infection of the bones. If you could, please keep Xavier and his family in your thoughts and prayers. They are a great family and it is sad to hear that this has happend. We love you Xavier and hope to see you all next year!

Sunday – July 20th & Monday – July 21, 2014

Posted on July 21, 2014

Monday July 21st:

Awesomeeeee! Day in the Wisconsin Dells! We took advantage of the short mileage day and sprinted (via car) to America’s largest waterpark, Noah’s Ark.  A water coaster called Black Anaconda gave some scares and Flash Flood convinced the group we are not prepared for an apocalyptic rain. 

The Presbyterian church whipped up some spectacular chicken, salad, and dessert that left us in a  minor food coma. Deciding we hadn’t had enough fun in the Dells, we took advantage of the clear, cool night and hit up the drive-in for a late night adventure. Too tired to continue, catch y’all tomorrow!

Sunday July 20th:

Today the Jettriders traveled to Elroy, Wisconsin. We got a late start because of the delicious breakfast we had with Garret and his friends and family. When we finally started we enjoyed scenic bike trails which was a nice change from the busy roads.
In Wilton a family provided us with a tasty lunch of hotdogs and sloppy joes. Tonight, we are staying in a motel. We had a cookout/fundraiser with the people of Elroy. Tomorrow we are looking forward to going to the water park in Wisconsin Dells.

– The JettRiders

Friday into Saturday – July 18 & 19th

Posted on July 20, 2014

We biked a relatively easy 63 mile from Lake City to Trempalou, WI. On our way out of Lake City we were escorted by the Lake City police after a great send off from REI and Mayor Winstead!

During the ride, we biked over the Mississippi river and we also stopped in Fountain City and enjoyed some refreshing beverages!  Later in the day, we met Garrett, who is 21 and has Duchenne. We ate a delicious meal of chicken Garrett’s Dad had grilled for us! Ice cream and a trip to see the lock and dam was also included in our evening. The day was definitely enjoyed by all and we can’t wait to have Kelly and Garrett join us for tomorrow’s ride!

– The JettRiders

Thursday – July 17, 2014

Posted on July 19, 2014

Today the Jettriders we enjoyed a well deserved break. After sleeping in, the team headed to the Mall of America. There we enjoyed shopping and going to the amusement park. We had a great lunch provided by Panda Express.

For dinner, the Shumsky Family joined us for a great meal of spaghetti. We had a lot of fun hanging out with Xavier  who has Duchenne and his little sister Erica. Later on the team took a drive around downtown Minneapolis. Overall it was a great day and we are well rested and ready to continue our journey.

Wednesday – July 16, 2014

Posted on July 19, 2014

Today, the Jettriders made their way from Hutchinson to Bloomington, a suburb just outside Minneapolis. After a tough first 10 miles on a gravel rode, we enjoyed riding on bike paths instead of the busy rode. Unfortunately, our directions were not accurate and we spent a lot of time backtracking and trying to find the right rode.

After about 50 miles Kaitlyn, Ezra, Julianna, and Delaney joined Megan in the van to insure we had time to take showers. Bruce and Dan journeyed on and arrived at the church later. For dinner the Jettriders enjoyed tacos and sherbet provided by the church. We are looking forward to the rest day tomorrow and shopping at the Mall of America!

-The JettRiders


Tuesday – July 15, 2014

Posted on July 15, 2014

Trading the Zuiderhof’s hot tub for the road was a a tough call to make, but luckily the team only had 58 miles to ride. At The Ridge restaurant, we were treated to a great breakfast of eggs, hash browns and toast covered in creamed honey, a local specialty.
The temperature was cold enough for arm warmers and gloves until you put them on, but to hot to keep them on for more than ten minutes. Forty miles in we met Marty, gas station owner and road biker who gave us a better route and talked with Ezra about being pro. St. Stevan’s Lutheran church is graciously hosting us tonight as well as providing dinner. Crossed into Minnesota

– The JettRiders

Monday – July 14, 2014 – Weekend Recap

Posted on July 14, 2014

“Write the blog,” said Megan.

“No, make us more macaroni,” the children replied.

The children then made themselves macaroni and dozed off.

For this reason, the blog was not written on Friday and due to similar reasons, was not completed on Saturday.

The following is a summary of the past three days, from Fort Thompson to Huron and then Huron to Bruce.

Riding to Huron, half the volume of the Great Lake which shares it’s name dumped on us. The most important event of the day was the theft and ultimate return of Ezra’s Garmin, which had (fell off) at a rest stop about 45 miles in.

The ride to Bruce was made brief by a strong tailwind, which blew the team in to the honey capital of South Dakota. Once we arrived, The Ridge restaurant provided us with a great meal. The Zuiderhof family kindly took us in and provided us with a great place to sleep as well as hot tub and swimming facilities.

Friday – July 11, 2014

Posted on July 13, 2014

Today, the Jettriders traveled from Murdo to Fort Thompson. It was a hot and humid day through the hills of South Dakota. Only Megan and Julianna were brave enough to finish the ride. In Fort Thompson the Jettriders Habit for Humanity house. For dinner, we went to a church summer camp for a meal of hot dogs and chocolate cake.

Thursday – July 10, 2014

Posted on July 10, 2014

Today we biked from from Rapid City to the KOA in the middle of nowhere. It was a hard day and we struggled against the tough headwind. Although we biked hard, the team moved at a sluggish pace. Tonight we are staying in Interior, South Dakota at the “Kampground of America”.

July 9, 2014 – A Day Off

Posted on July 09, 2014

Today the Jettride family had a well-deserved rest day. We slept for an extra hour and a half and crossed the South Dakota border. Our first stop was Jewell Cave close to the border. We descended 300 feet into the worlds 3rd largest cave and saw beautiful rock formations.

Our next stop was historic Mount Rushmore. As everyone knows, Mt. Rushmore was carved by the Native Americans in 1463, to commentate the first Thanksgiving. Dubious history aside, we all had big cones of ice cream, churned to Thomas Jefferson’s specifications. While we did not have time to fully enjoy the monument to Crazy Horse, we may never enjoy its completion, as the projected date is measured in generations, not years. Thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Rapid City, South Dakota for providing a fun barbecue and dip in the clubhouse pool.

-The Girls of JettRide 2014

Monday – July 7, 2014

Posted on July 07, 2014

Biking from coast to coast is easy. Knowing how much icy-hot to use is not. Over hills and under bridges, we barely sweat. With the wind at our backs, cruising above 20 mph was no challenge. Ezra and Megan leapfrogged throughout the day, visiting museums and points of interest and then pushing to catch the rest of the group. This new method of tempering Ezra’s pace worked well and will hopefully be continued. The girls rode with Bruce at comfortable speed, coasting more than they peddled. Delaney finished her first full day of riding, a full 76 miles of rolling hills. We would like to thank Christ The King Lutheran Church of Newcastle, Wyoming for providing a air conditioned resting place.

– The JettRiders

Friday – July 5, 2014

Posted on July 06, 2014

July fifth was the perfect follow up to a firework-free Independence Day. Fireworks shot in everyone’s legs and lungs as we climbed the Powder River Pass. At an elevation of 9,666 feet, the climb was extremely challenging. While Kait, Delaney and Julie were unable to reach the summit, bailing at the 25 mile mark after an extremely difficult morning, they provided great support from the van. Ezra, Megan and Dan pushed on, and were rewarded with beautiful scenery and several animal sightings. After waiting for over an hour and half for the support vehicle, Megan and Ezra decided to go for a swim in the Cloud lake, shaded by the Medowlark ski area.
After some rolling hills (each larger than Watchusett), the remaining riders sped down the mountain into Buffalo, dropping 3800 feet over 4 miles. Ezra descended without using his brakes, averaging 40.5 mph on the descent with a top speed of 52.2 mph. Thanks to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Buffalo, WY for preparing a delicious meal and providing us with a great place to sleep.

– The JettRiders

Friday – July 4, 2014

Posted on July 05, 2014

Happy 4th!!!

The team fought against the brutal Wyoming plains as well as their mental barriers in today’s “wicked hahd” 90 mile ride from Cody to Worland. Along the way, Ezra jumped over a dead beaver and a squished raccoon, though on the second attempt, he was almost flattened by a semi-truck. Kaitlyn learned many valuable lessons about biking from our resident pro, Ezra. Delaney almost hit a cat and subsequently fell. She is “wicked ok”.

Julianna and Bruce made the winning break with 10 miles to go, pushing hard and creating a even minute gap from the peleton. Anne, Megan’s close friend, provided much needed humor and brightened the mood considerably. Stravatindr is now the collective property of the Jett foundation. Thanks again to the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church and Pastor Doug for opening his home to us.

Thursday – July 3, 2014

Posted on July 04, 2014

Today, the team took a break from riding to visit Yellowstone National Park. After a boring car ride to the park, we enjoyed the beautiful diverse landscapes. We saw snow capped mountains, rolling hills, geysers, lakes, and hot springs. We encountered many different types of animals including bison, elk, deer, marmots, and mountain goats.

The group bonded during the long car rides around the park. Some of our favorite parts were seeing Old Faithful erupt, seeing the wildlife, and the beautiful waterfalls. Megan’s friend Anne joined us today and will also be biking some of the way with us tomorrow.

-The Jettriders

Wednesday – July 2, 2014

Posted on July 03, 2014

Today we biked a grueling 104 miles from Colombia, MT to Cody, WY. The biking was extra monotonous due to the extremely hot and dry weather conditions. A quarter of the way through, Megan took off to the airport to pick up Kaitlyn and Delaney who will be joining us for the remainder of the tour! We are so excited to finally have them a part of our team! Soon after Megan picked up the girls she drove back to check on the rest of us who were biking. The heat and the hills were beginning to take its tole on everyone and we considered calling it a day at mile 70. We decided to carry on until about 10 miles down the road when Bruce had had enough. Bruce and Julianna loaded their bikes into the trailer and drove into Cody with the rest of the group. Dan and Ezra both continued on to finish the remainder of the ride. Ezra arrived at the church, but Dan had to be picked up because him too was beat. Everyone is safe and sound and having a great time.We have the day off in Cody tomorrow and looking forward to going to Yellowstone National Park!

Tuesday – July 1, 2014

Posted on July 03, 2014

On Sunday, June 29th, we left Butte bright and early under chilly conditions, as it was only in the 30’s when we departed. Janet, the host from church we stayed at, joined us for a portion of the ride. She guided us up the mountain pass and gave us information regarding some of the sites we saw. She was quite informative and we had a lot of fun biking with her!

Shortly, after we started our climb up the mountain pass, Dan, suffered a flat. Unfortunately, his tire was beyond repair and he was forced to ride in the support vehicle until he was able to pick up the correct tire for his wheel. Thankfully, there was no other bike problems for today.

As the day proceeded to warm up, we made good time. We were about 30 miles away from Three Forks when we realized we had missed a turn. After getting directions from friendly people, we continued on, and had to bike an extra five miles. Although we had to bike extra, the mountainous beauty made the mistake worth it.

We made it to Three Forks and to our surprise we found out the church we were going to stay at made plans for us to stay and sleep at a Motel. They also provided a scrumptious meal of spaghetti and fried chicken! We had a wonderful time visiting with all of you and can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

A bit later in the afternoon, we checked out the small town (and I mean SMALL) of Three Forks. There was not a lot going on, but the culture of rural Montana was like something you would see in a western movie. Cowboys, horses and Rodeos were the main attraction. After taking in the sites of small town America, we headed back to our rooms to get some much needed rest.

-The JettRiders