The JettRide is a cross country cycle tour for teens to raise funds and awareness to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

July, 2012

July 30th – Gettysburg, PA (Off Day)

Posted on July 31, 2012

Greetings everyone! Today was our day off. We haven’t had a day
off in awhile so we were all looking forward to today. As the trip is
getting closer to an end we are getting more worn out. So today
everyone slept in. It was great! We had a nice comfy bed and air
conditioning. For the most part we just hung out today and took care
of some things that had to be done. Pauly took Colby to the hospital
today. They ran a lot of tests and thankfully he is okay. He    Has
some strained muscles in his neck but he is eager to ride tomorrow. We
were happy to do laundry today and to have clean clothes. We also had
to clean our bikes since they were wicked dirty from the trails we had
been on the last few days. Dirt was encrusted on them! We also had to
do some cleaning of the trailer. The picture below shows only a
quarter of the stuff that goes in there. Tomorrow we’ll show you a
picture of it nicely packed. One bonus to a day off is not having to
pack the trailer! It was good to have a day where we could just relax
and hang out together. We went to dinner at a Chinese buffet and we
all enjoyed it.

Love, The Jettriders
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July 29th – Gettysburg, PA

Posted on July 31, 2012

Hi guys- Today started off with us going out to breakfast. What
a treat! It was a good way to start off the long day ahead of us. With
full bellies we were ready to hit the road. The whole day was rolling
hills. Even though it was kind of hot everyone did well. Pauly had
trouble with his bike at one point but luckily it was able to be
fixed. Along the way we even stopped for ice cream. Yum! Gillian tried
to feed the group cat food at lunch and only Joe fell for it. The
people who knew it was cat food made predictions and they were spot
on. We knew Ty would recognize it was cat food because he has a cat.
We also knew Joe would eat it because he would feel bad no one had
touched the sandwiches. When he found out it was cat food he spit it
out immediately. Colby still wasn’t feeling 100 percent today. He had
a headache and Pauly wanted him to ride in the car. The biggest hill
of the day was between 2-3 miles. The lead group made awesome timing.
The other group got far behind because they got a little lost. Let’s
just say the group wasn’t too happy with Joe. He made them go up a
huge hill in the wrong direction! Everyone was happy to get to the
hotel and to have a day off tomorrow. We ordered pizza and we were
excited to watch the Olympics! One last thing, as many of you know Mac
and Drew started from the West coast. Be sure to check out their blog
at the link below for more highlights of their journey:

Love, The Jettriders

July 28th Hancock, MD

Posted on July 31, 2012

Hey guys. This morning had a little bit of a scary start. At
breakfast Colby passed out. We were all really scared for him. When he
woke up he wasn’t sure where he was. We knew Colby was back to himself
when one of the first things he said was “Did anybody get that on the
go pro?!” Colby said he was okay. He was sore and had a headache and
for safety reasons he didn’t bike. We all hope Colby feels better!
Please don’t scare us like that again. Today is also the year
anniversary of when Jack Van Houten broke his hand. Jack was Sherpa
today ( we all take turns being Sherpa- that means you don’t bike and
you ride in the support vehicle and help the driver set up for break
and lunch). Jack and Colby had fun being sherpas for Ty. Meanwhile,
the path the rest of us were on stunk. It was horrible! It was so
bumpy that our bikes were vibrating the whole way. Also, there was a
ton of mud so our tires were fish tailing. It was a long and slow day.
We did see some animals on the path which was cool. Some of the
favorites were deer and turtles. A deer even ran right in front of
someone’s bike! Another thing people enjoyed was right after lunch
when people jumped off a bridge and into the water. We biked between
62 and 65 miles today. Us and our bikes were all very dirty by the end
of the day. Thanks to Dave at the Church for buying us dinner at a
local restaurant.

Love, The Jettriders
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July 27th Cumberland, MD

Posted on July 31, 2012

Hello everyone! Today was a pretty good day. We left the hostel a
little late but it didn’t set us back too much. At the hostel we met
this really interesting man named Tom. Tom has been biking for 5
months and he is trying to raise money to go to Israel and make
prosthetic limbs for orphans. He had such an interesting story. We
enjoyed talking to him and we were happy he wasn’t bothered by us. We
hope he can succeed in his mission. Pauly couldn’t find a pair of his
riding shorts and we weren’t going to leave until they were found. We
thought that they had gone through the laundry and ended up in
somebody’s bag. So, we all had to look through our stuff. Turns out
they never made it to the wash and that they were in his bike bag the
whole time! He felt horrible about it but we thought it was funny. We
were on the same trail we were on the day before. Since there had been
a storm the night before the trail had a lot of trees and branches in
the path along with mud. The beginning of the day was a steady incline
but at around 20 miles it became downhill for the rest of the day. It
was great! We saw the Eastern Continental divide along with the Mason
Dixon line. It was really cool to see. The group kind of got really
split up today. Pauly, Kristyn, and Colby got ahead of the others
because the others stopped at the local town. In town a really strange
series of coincidences lead to the riders meeting a local boy who had
recently been diagnosed with Duchenne. The riders met a lady and told
them what we were biking for. She was reading a newspaper and saw the
article about the boy who had just been diagnosed. The article had
contact information so they called it and the family came to meet them
and reporters came. It was a great experience. We had a few crashes
today. Luckily, nobody was hurt. Just handlebars to the back and a
fall by someone else but it was an accident. Lunch was cool because we
saw this great old fashioned train. The conductor was talking to Pauly
and next year he wants to help us do a fundraiser. It was a great day
of making connections.We were all happy to make it to the church and
to relax. Thanks to the leaders for cooking dinner. Love, The
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July 26th – Confluence, PA

Posted on July 28, 2012

Today we continued on the trail. The scenery was awesome. The
trail had a canopy of trees covering it and rays of sunlight would
come through. It looked really cool. We got very dirty on the trail
because early morning there were severe thunderstorms. The path had a
lot of puddles that we couldn’t prevent going through. We biked 18
miles and most of it was at a steady incline. The day was a short one
because we got to go white water rafting!! It was lots of fun and the
boys put their go pros to good use. A lot of us fell off our rafts and
one of us accidentally got a paddle to the face. Falling off was a
little scary. Fortunately, we all made it safely to the end of the
rafting. As we were finishing and the company was shuttling us back to
where we started it began to pour followed by thunder and lightening.
We were freezing. As planned after rafting , Pauly shuttled us to the
hostel where we are staying. We didn’t have power for awhile because
of the storm. Thank you to the members of the Jettride who cooked in
the rain. We were all happy when the power came back. We really had to
do laundry! Tomorrow’s ride is supposed to be a good one… Lots of
downhill. We’ll fill you in on how tomorrow goes. Love, The Jettriders
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July 25th – Connellsville, PA

Posted on July 28, 2012

Today was a long day. We got a late start which meant we had a
late arrival. A few things had to be taken care of in the morning so
we didn’t hit the trail until around 11. We biked 58 miles on a trail
that we will be on for the next two days. The trail runs all the way
to D.C.! We obviously won’t be taking the full trail since our final
destination is New Jersey. The trail is great for allowing us to have
more of a relaxed ride where we can talk to each other. Courtney
hadn’t been feeling well for the past few days and went to the
hospital. We missed her biking with us! She was dehydrated. Not to
fret, she is doing wonderfully. She stayed at the hospital for a few
hours and got hooked up to ivs and began to feel much better.  Even
with a late start we still made decent timing.  We went to pizza hut
for dinner and we had a great meal. We then headed to the church and
had a great surprise.. Gillian and Courtney had unloaded all our
stuff. Score! At the church we all just hung out until bed. Love, The
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July 24th Pittsburg

Posted on July 28, 2012

Hello! Today we headed to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The riding
wasn’t too bad. We just had to be careful because as we got closer to
the city. It became more and more crowded. We biked 36 miles from
Minerva and got in early. When we left Geneva college in the morning
it began to pour as the packing crew was loading up the bags. Also,
right when we were arriving to Pittsburg it began to pour again.
Thankfully it cleared up and we got to enjoy the day. Since we got in
early we had a chance to take showers and naps before dinner. Thanks
to the church for providing dinner! After that we went to a Pirates
game. It was lots of fun. The stadium had a great view of the city.
Unfortunately, the Pirates lost but we still had fun. That was even
some people’s first baseball game. Overall it was a good day.
Love, The Jettriders

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JettRide featured in Pedal America

Posted on July 25, 2012


The JettRide is featured on Pedal America’s website!

For those of you who don’t know, Pedal America is a TV series promoting biking across the US:

Each 30-minute episode of the on-going series emphasizes wellness, bicycle safety, and preserving climate change while highlighting the icons, culture, and journey through a North American locale that takes pride in being bicycle-friendly.

The series aims to educate, inspire, and encourage riders of all ages to rediscover the basic joys of cycling from journeying through national parks and local urban areas.

The series also showcases best routes; the development of bike trails, bikeways, and bike infrastructure; bicycle repair and maintenance to make cycling less intimidating; and personal stories of how bicycling has helped to transform lives.

July 23rd – Beaver Falls, PA

Posted on July 25, 2012

Greetings from Pennsylvania!! Today we crossed over from Ohio to
Pennsylvania. We biked about 48 miles. This morning we got a tour of
the spread eagle tavern from one of Cade’s family members, Karen. It
was really cool. It was built in 1837 and was turned into a
restaurant. Karen told us all about the history of the place and even
told us about a ghost that is said to live there. Thanks Karen! People
were especially pleased with the expressos she gave us. What a treat!
From there we headed out for the rest of our day. The road we bike on
was kind of scary because there were tons of semi trucks. On the
positive side, the route was very scenic. There were a lot of hills
but the down hills were good. We had a great lunch today grilled
cheese. Yum! Thanks driver and sherpa. We made good timing arriving at
our destination early and giving us time to relax and settle in.  We
are staying at Geneva college. Thanks for letting stay here and for
the great dinner and lawn games. We appreciate it.   Love, The
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July 22 – Minerva, OH

Posted on July 25, 2012

Hello! Today we left the rec center where we had stayed the
night. We slept in until 6:30 because it was a 32 mile day. We got a
little bit of a late start because somebody’s biking shoes were left
at the last house. They had to go back and get them. When we left the
rec center at about 10 we headed to the local bike shop to pick up a
few things. It was an awesome store and we were like kids in a candy
shop. The biking was tough but manageable. There were a lot of rolling
hills and it was hot out. We stayed with the Rudd family. They had a
lovely greeting for us with lots of signs and cheering. We had an
amazing time with Cade and his mom( Amanda) along with the rest of the
crew. Cade had lots of fun in the pool with everyone. He seemed to
take a special liking to Justin. Cade was an excellent host. For his
birthday he got this really cool concession stand. He served us
snowcones, nachos, and popcorn. He made sure we were well taken care
of. To finish off the day we had s’mores and slept under the stars.
What a day! Thank you Rudd family for your hospitality. We had a great
time. Love, The Jettriders

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JettRiders in the Cleveland

Posted on July 25, 2012

Here is a great article and picture of the JettRiders while they were in North Royalton on July 21, 2012. Thank you to the Dumm and Wolf families for hosting the riders!!!

North Royalton Hosts JettRiders

JettRiders in the News – Curtice, OH

Posted on July 23, 2012

Check out this great article about the JettRiders as they rode into Curtice, OH to meet Braedan Henegar.

Thank you to Tammy Henegar for sharing!

July 21st – Massillon, OH

Posted on July 23, 2012

This morning we had an amazing send off. Lots of friends and
family of the Wolfe’s and Dumm’s came to see us off along with the
local cheerleaders and the police. Courtney got a flat while we had
our police escort! Then less than 30 minutes later Alec got a hole in
his tire because he accidentally ran over glass. It was a rough start
to the day. We biked on a trail most of the day called Towpath. It was
a lot better than biking on a road. At break Gillian ended up running
into somebody that she lead during her last tour. What a small world!
On the trail we saw water locks for the barges. It was cool. When we
had about 10 miles left we met the town manager of Canal Fulton, Mark
Cozy, for ice cream. Thank you! He then biked with us to where we
would be staying the night. Somebody on the bike path ran into him and
he hit a tree! He was thankfully okay but he was a little sore. Pauly
also got his first flat of the trip even though he just changed his
tires this morning. We biked 60 miles today arriving in Massillon,
Ohio. Once again the day was a long one. We were all happy to go out
to dinner.
Love, The Jettriders. Check out more at the link below:

July 20th – North Royalton, OH

Posted on July 23, 2012

Today we left Sandusky, Ohio and headed to North Royalton, Ohio.
The weather was not the greatest at first. The morning was dark,
gloomy, cold, and drizzly. We were having lunch provided for us about
20 miles out. This gave us time to explore Vermilion, Ohio before it
was time for lunch. Poor Alec blew out his tire so his group didn’t
have as much time to explore. We saw lake Erie and did some window
shopping. Colby got a free haircut at the barbershop when the barber
found out about the Jettride. Colby was really happy. Lunch was great.
Thank you. Then we headed out for the rest of the day. The weather got
a little better and the cool air felt nice biking. The stinky part of
the day was the headwind! We were biking most of the day with it and
it made pedaling a lot harder. It was a long day. Joe’s bike spoke
broke so he had to make a makeshift one to get through the end of the
day. We were all happy when we arrived at the Dumm residence. The day
was a little longer than expected and we ended up doing 65 miles.
Everyone was so friendly and happy for us to be there. Thank you so
much for the great time and the hospitality. We were happy to get to
talk with John Owen and Jack Wolfe. Thank you to Sue ( Jen Dumm’s
sister) for having the girls stay there. Leader Gillian returned after
leaving for a week to attend her mom’s wedding. Alec also got Ty back
for making him think his liver was failing. Alec hid when we got to
the Dumm’s house and had people tell Ty he was missing. Ty had to dive
the car and go out looking for him. Now that they are even it is the
end of their war. Love, The Jettriders

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July 19th – Sandusky, OH

Posted on July 23, 2012

Today was a rest day and we certainly used it for rest. Last
night we rented some movies and watched those late into the night and
today we got to sleep in as late as we wanted. It was great. Having a
lazy day allowed us time to just relax. Some of us went and did
laundry ( clean clothes are always nice). Others were still sleeping
so they just washed their clothes in the sink. The other task we got
done was going to the bike shop. We had to pick up more tubes since we
were getting so many flat tires. For dinner we had a surf and turf
theme, steak and fish. A big thanks goes out to (leader) Megan’s mom.
She lives in Ohio and hung out with us last night and helped with
dinner tonight. We appreciate it! It was delicious. We were joined by
the Porter family for dinner. Their son Austin who is 7 has Duchenne.
He was adorable. He was a little shy at first but Megan and Courtney
got him out of his shell by inviting him to play volleyball with them.
He was thrilled to play that and other games. He also sampled most of
the desserts even with his missing front teeth. By the end of the
night he didn’t want to leave. It was great to hang out with him and
his family. Thanks to Pastor Paul and the church community for having
us. We have some busy days ahead of us. Wish us luck!  Love, The

Check out more pictures at the link below:

July 18th – Curtice, OH

Posted on July 23, 2012

Today was an awesome day! We biked 25 miles from the church to
the Henegar’s house. Braedan Henegar is almost 7 and he has Duchenne.
His family was thrilled to find out that we were in the area and they
wanted to host us for lunch. Thanks for all the great food! They also
had a really cool pond in their backyard that we got to swim in. It
was a blast.  They had a dock in the pond which we had fun jumping off
of and pushing each other off, they had a tire swing that you could
use to jump into the water, rafts, and paddle boats. We also had a big
game of baseball in the front yard. It started to rain a little but
that made the game even better. We got to be shuttled the rest of the
way to Sandusky, Ohio due to the time. The Henegars helped shuttle
which we appreciated. Then we had a delicious dinner provided by the
church. After dinner we went with the Henegar family to goofy golf. We
did mini golf, bumper boats, played in the arcade, and go carts. The
overall favorite was the go carts. Lets just be thankful that some of
us don’t bike the way we drive the go carts! It was great to be able
to hang out with Braedan all day! Thank you so much Henegar family. We
hope you guys can come to NJ. Love, The Jettriders.
Check out more pictures at the link below:

Thank You JettRiders – A Letter from a Parent

Posted on July 20, 2012

We had a blast with them!!!! I love them all, and they are welcome back to our place anytime!!!
They all have such BIG hearts and were wonderful with Braedan! We spent the whole day with them, until 10:30 last night. We had lunch, swam, played baseball, swam again, and then went to Sandusky and went putt-putting and Go-Karting with them. They are such an awesome group of kids, and I actuall hated to even say good bye to them last night. Braedan loved it so much!!!!!

Thank you so much for allowing us to host them, and we would love to have them back next year!!!

Check out the pictures below!


July 17th – The Van Houten Home, MI

Posted on July 18, 2012

Hi guys! This morning we were escorted out of the Van Houten’s
neighborhood by Kyle in his golf cart.  It was really fun. The day was
a tough one though. The roads we were biking on weren’t the greatest.
This morning where we were biking there was tons of traffic. It was a
little scary but the leaders made sure we all were safe. The roads
also were really bumpy and had a lot of potholes! It was rough. We had
a lot of flats. We had lunch at a great place where we could swim. It
was an awesome way for us to cool down since it was so hot out. We
biked 75 miles today and made it safely to Temperance. We made it in
sort of late due the swimming but it was worth it. The local YMCA
provided us with dinner and showers. We were really thankful.
Tonight’s church has air conditioning which is a bonus. The pastor of
the Church is really cool. He even let us use the instruments to have
karaoke. Love, The Jettriders
Please enjoy more pictures at the link below:

July 16th – Halfway there!

Posted on July 18, 2012

Hi! Today is the halfway point of the Jettride. We can’t believe
it!! Being here has given us a weird concept of time. It Feels like
time has been going by quickly but thinking about being at home seems
like a long time ago. Last night we got our care packages. It was nice
to get a taste of home. Today was a rest day. We slept in and had a
great breakfast. Later on we went to the movies and had a lot of fun.
Kyle came with us and we saw the amazing spiderman. It was good to be
able to relax and enjoy the air conditioning. After that we came back
and hung out by the pool. It was such a great day. They also made us
an awesome dinner. The Van Houten’s are the best! Thank you so much
for hosting us. We had a blast and don’t want to leave. You guys went
above and beyond to make sure we had a good time. We appreciate all
the hard work that went into having us. We have a long day ahead of
us. 75 miles! Love, The Jettriders

July 15th – Howell, MI

Posted on July 16, 2012

Hello everyone! Today was a hot and sunny day. We made great
timing  and were able to leave the church by 7:45. Before we left most
of us thought the day was going to be a 50 mile biking day but the
leaders did the route the night before and it was 65 miles. The
morning was mostly flat so we could bike quickly. At break we saw two
deer. Then the afternoon was a bit harder but manageable. Once again
we saw lots of road kill.  There were a good amount of hills but we
made great timing. We made it to the Van Houten’s residence by 3. The
Van Houten’s are rider Jack’s family and extended family of rider
Megan Drake. Jack’s brother Kyle is 13 and has Duchenne. He is a great
kid! He took us on golf cart rides and explained fantasy baseball to
Kristyn. The Van Houtens had lots of friends and family to greet us.
We had a great time hanging out by the pool. There definitely was not
a food shortage. We had an excellent dinner and lots of desserts.
Another little boy who has Duchenne named Evan came to hangout with
us. The boys had a great time swimming with him and playing Legos.
Tomorrow is a rest day and we look forward to being with the Van
Houtens! Love, The Jettriders.   Jack’s take on the day: I was very
anxious to head home to see my family and spend some quality time in
my pool. I feel like the luckiest Jettrider of all time because I get
to sleep in my own bed.                                       Please
enjoy more pictures at the link below:


July 13th – Rockford, MI

Posted on July 16, 2012

Hello everyone! Today we were lead out by Ed and Bill from the
church we were staying with. The morning flew by! We biked 23 miles on
a trail. The only downside was that we encountered the smell of poop.
The afternoon got a little harder as it got hotter and there were a
good amount of hills. Some of us got a little lost at one point but
luckily the streets met up. We made great timing and made it to the
church by 2 after biking 50 miles. We had some visitors tonight. Alec
is going into 4th grade and he has Duchenne. His two younger sisters
and his dad came with him. They also brought brownies! Tonight we
pulled an awesome prank on Alec Scroggins. We all convinced him that
his liver was failing because his foot was turning yellow/orange. We
even had him soaking his feet in orange juice. He thought the vitamin
c would take away the fungus. We had him believing that he was going
to the hospital. Ty and him drove around but then they had to come
back for his “file”. That’s when Ty told him it was a prank! He
couldn’t believe it. Love, the JettRiders.



July 14th – St John, MI

Posted on July 16, 2012

Hello! Last night most of us decided to sleep outside because the
weather was nice and inside was a little warm. What seemed like a good
idea turned out not to be. It was buggy out and our sleep was
interrupted. The police made a visit because they thought we were
trespassing but we were able to explain to them that we were guests at
the church.  Then the sprinklers went off twice in the middle of the
night!! No one made it through the night. We all ended up returning
inside.  Needless to say,the adventures of sleeping outside might be
over. Despite a not so great night of sleep, we were able to leave the
church by 8:30. The temperature was in the low 90s and we were biking
on road all day. We encountered a lot of road kill. Yuck! We met the
nicest lady at our 1st break. We accidentally stopped there thinking
it was park area but it turned out to be a lady named Kendra’s
property. She was more than happy to let us stay there and even
offered her pool up to anyone who wanted to cool down. She was so
interested in what we were doing. She even took some pictures and a
little video of us to send to her local paper. It was great to spread
the message. She’s already planning on having us stay with her next
year. It was great to meet you Kendra!  Kristyn got her 4th flat o the
trip. What bad luck! One highlight of the day was going to get ice
cream after lunch. It hit the spot! We rounded off our 62 mile day
between 3 and 3:30 making it to St. Johns,MI. It was a good day. Then
at around 6 we had a picnic dinner provided by Bonnie. Thank you!
Tonight Megan Matrka, a leader of the 2010 Jettride arrived. She will
be a leader for us for the week.Great meeting you! We are all pretty
tired. Tomorrow we have about a 50 mile day. We are staying with the
Van Houtens tomorrow and Monday night! Please enjoy more pictures at
the link below:

July 12 – Muskegon, MI

Posted on July 14, 2012

Happy 16th Birthday Courtney! We all got to celebrate with her
because we had a day off. We got to sleep in and the leaders made us
an amazing breakfast. Thank you so much! It was such a treat. After
breakfast we headed over to Michigan Adventure. We had a blast! The
rides were great and the lines weren’t long. The favorite ride for
most  was the Ripcord. During this ride you experience a free fall of
over 180 feet! It was amazing!! We were flying through the air and
could see the whole park. Ty took videos of us on the ride so
hopefully they will be on Facebook soon. We were joined for dinner by
the grandparents of Kevin and Kyle. Kyle and Kevin both have Duchenne.
Thanks for coming. We appreciated your company. Most of us are pretty
tired from the day. Good night everyone. Love, The Jettriders.


July 11 – Lake Michigan!

Posted on July 14, 2012

Hello everyone! Today was an awesome day. We got to sleep in until
8. We took the ferry to Michigan and it was so much fun. We didn’t
have to go until 12:30 so the morning was very calm. The ferry ride
was nice and relaxing! The weather was beautiful and so was the
surrounding water. We had a great time just hanging out. We only had
to bike a total of 7 miles today.
Once we got to the church we joined some members of the church
community for a picnic. Later we swam in Lake Michigan! Tomorrow is a
day off! We can’t wait. Love, the Jettriders


JettRiders Featured in Wisconsin News!

Posted on July 11, 2012

JettRiders in the NEWS!!! You guys ROCK!  Check out the great article below!

Wisconsin News Article


July 10th – Milwaukee, WI

Posted on July 11, 2012

 Hello! Today we left Dousman,WI and headed towards Milwaukee. We
got to sleep in until 6:30 because we didn’t have to bike as many
miles today. We all had a great day of biking and completed our 36
miles. It got a little busy as we got into the city but it was good to
switch up the scenery. We got to go to the local high school for
showers which felt great. After showers we came back to an excellent
dinner. Thanks to everyone who cooked such a good dinner. Some of
Alec’s family came to visit and that really made the night. We love
We had to say goodbye to Sara tonight. It was so sad, none
of us wanted her to leave. We’ll miss her so much.
After dinner we
headed to a local musical festival. It was fun and we got to tell a
lot of people about our trip.
  -Love, the

July 9th – Dousman, Wisconsin – Happy Birthday Alec!

Posted on July 11, 2012

Hey guys! We’d like to start this post by wishing Alec a very
happy 15th birthday!! His mom even came to visit us and brought party favors for all of us.
We were all glad to see her.

As for the actual day….it was just one
of those days. We could tell from the minute we left the parking lot
and couldn’t find the trail that today wouldn’t be easy. It was really
busy and crowded going through Madison, Wisconsin. We added about 8
miles to our planned 55 mile day due to getting lost in Madison.
Luckily, this was the first time we had gotten lost the whole trip.
The leaders have been very good with planning out our routes each

In Madison we did a lot of stop and go biking. We really had to
be focused due to all the traffic. The weather was in the high 80s and
on the trails we saw a lot of corn. At lunch most of us took power
naps. We were all pretty tired from the morning’s ride. Kristyn had 2
flats today! It was rough. One of the tires blew out just minutes
before we got to the church. Today felt like a long one and we were
all happy when we completed our 63 miles.

We were greeted by some
members of the parish community and they had a great dinner ready for
us. We also had a really nice visit from a local family affected by Duchenne.  Hopefully tomorrow will run more smoothly.



Alec’s view of the day:  Today was an all-around amazing day! It was the best
fifteenth birthday I could ask for. It was an easy riding day and I
was surprised with a cake at our first break. To top it all off I got
to see my Mom who surprised me and dropped off treats for everybody!

July 8th – Madison, WI

Posted on July 08, 2012

Hi! Today was a great day. We left Wisconsin Dells and headed to
Wisconsin’s capital, Madison. The weather was great. It was a lot
cooler and made biking much easier. The temperature was about 80
degrees. There were a decent amount of hills today but they weren’t
too bad because they were short. The hills also gave us some very good
rewards for all our hard work, great downhills. We saw a lot of corn
fields and farms but as we got closer to Madison the area became a
more crowded town. We made great time biking 55 miles and arriving at
the Hilton by 3:30. We were all so excited to get a chance to stay at
a hotel for the night. What a great way to relax and take a great
shower! Candace Miller, a mother of two sons with Duchenne,
organized the free night at the hotel and she also came with pizza!
Your generosity means a lot to us. Thanks so much! She brought her two
sons Ethan and Joseph. They both were very cute. Joseph is a great
little guy with quite the sense of humor. We had lots of fun playing
hide and seek with Joseph. One last thing is that we wish our leader
Sara well. Today she was having trouble with her eye and had to go see
a doctor. Instead of leaving on Sunday she’ll be leaving on Tuesday.
Get well soon. Love, The Jettriders.
Please enjoy more pictures at the link below
Justin’s feelings about the day: Today was a
fun day. We biked from the Wisconsin Dells to Madison, Wisconsin.
Today was an easy biking day and we were treated by staying at a
hotel. We were joined by a family affected by Duchenne. We had fun
playing and eating pizza with Ethan and Joseph. We are all having a
good time enjoying ourselves and hanging out.


July 7th – Wisconsin Dells (Rest Day)

Posted on July 08, 2012

Today was a wonderful and much needed rest day for everyone. We slept in and enjoyed blueberry pancakes this morning before heading over to a water park called Wilderness in the Wisconsin Dells. The water park was awesome there were a ton of water slides and lazy rivers to enjoy. When we got back from the water park we did laundry in town, which has lots of cool shops, and we cleaned our bikes too. We had a nice dinner provided by Sarah’s family including burgers, chips, and cake. We all enjoyed the church and sleeping on couches.
Jackson’s day:
Alec and I accompanied Pauly and Ty at a road side store where we were generously given a donation from the cashier. On the way back we stopped at Taco Bell so I could try it for the first time, it was great. A day of rest is always fun.

July 6th – Wisconsin Dells

Posted on July 08, 2012

Quick Update today:

This morning at the beautiful farm house we had a full and delicious breakfast generously made for us. There was almost everything we could have hoped for. By the time we left, we all were full and ready for the day. We biked about 50 miles during another 116 degree day. We made it into Wisconsin Dells to a church with a couch for practically everyone. A great pasta dinner was provided for us in the evening, accompanied by a visit from the local newspaper reporter. Later that night, most of us walked into town to enjoy the shops, snacks, and arcade. We all are excited about our rest day tomorrow at a nearby waterpark!

From the Road – July 5, 2012

Posted on July 05, 2012

Hey guys! Last night we celebrated the 4th of July with sparklers
and we watched some fireworks. Also, the prank wars started when the
leaders mixed some pickled herring, turkey, potato salad, and
mushrooms into our smoothies! Don’t worry we’ll get them back.

Today we left from Trempealeau, Wiconsin and the Williamson family
had us over for breakfast. We loved meeting you guys and appreciated
all that you did for us. We also hope that your 7th annual shootout
fundraiser goes well. After we left from breakfast we had a 60 mile
day ahead of us. We biked on a trail which was fun because it gave us
the chance to talk to each other as we biked. We saw a lot of open
fields and greenery as we biked. We biked through the bicycling
capital of America ( Sparta, Wisconsin). Once again it was over 100
degrees out. One of the best things we saw today while biking was some
tunnels. It was awesome! One was about three quarters of a mile and it
was 45 degrees. It was so refreshing! We all completed today’s ride
safely into Wilton, Wisconsin and we were very happy when we finished
the day. We got a to swim at the local pool and the Dipen family is
hosting us tonight. They gave us a very warm welcome, an awesome place
to stay, and lots and lots of food. One more day of biking and then
Saturday is a rest day. – Love, The Jettriders

Mac’s perspective on the day-

Today was really awesome, one of the best rides of my trip so far!
(That is including Oregon to Minnesota). Today went by really fast
because we were on the pedestrian paths the whole way, we were able to
talk to each other and we were in the shade most of the time. Even
though it was hot, the tunnels that we went through did a great job of
cooling us off, we knew that they were going to be awesome when the
woman in Sparta told us that there might be rain inside them today…
Anyway, I am ready for a god night’s rest to prepare for tomorrow!

From the Road – July 4, 2012

Posted on July 05, 2012

Happy 4th of July! Pauly was very pleased with how efficient we
were this morning. We worked great as a team to do our chores before
we left. A special kudos goes out to the packing crew.

We started out the day by signing the guestbook for the town of
Eleva as we left. It was a cool experience to leave our mark. Today
was a strange day because the route didn’t have any turns until the
end. Courtney fell at one point because her shoelace got caught in her
tire. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt and she was ready to keep biking right
away. We were on the same road the whole way. We went up a killer hill
that seemed never ending ( about 4 miles)! For the 4th day in a row
the temperatures were over 100 degrees. We got in a little past two to
Trembealeau after biking 45 miles. We got to go swimming and take
showers at a local pool. Everyone had lots of fun on the diving board.
The school were are staying is great. It has a huge gymnasium which
gives us lots to play with. Tonight we met with the Williamson family.
Garrett is awesome! He was showing us the tricks he can do on his
wheelchair. We also appreciate the pizza donation. We’ll fill you in
on how tomorrow goes. – Love The Jettriders

Courtney’s feelings about the day:

Falling was pretty bad but it wasn’t as bad as losing my chain
twice, eating grass and getting banana thrown at me. It was overall a
good day but the weather has been really hot lately. Only about 112
degrees. It was fun to meet Garrett at the school we stayed at and the
free pizza was cool too.

Update from the Road – July 3rd

Posted on July 05, 2012

Hi guys! Today was a great day. We were on a bike trail most of the
way (which was nice and shady). Once again the temperature was over
100 degrees! During our ride we stopped for a tour of the Eau Galle
Cheese Factory. It was crazy how much cheese they had. The rooms where
they were stored were covered from wall to wall! After the tour we got
to have some of their delicious ice cream and then we were on our way.
We were all happy when we finished our 47 mile day and made it to
Eleva,Wisconsin. The church we stayed at was very accommodating.
Pastor Kermit was very welcoming ( he even helped shuttle us to the
local high school for showers). Thanks for your hospitality. We had a
good day and look forward to tomorrow. – Love, The Jettriders

Drew’s take on the day: Although there was once again scorching
Wisconsin heat, the Red Cedar state trail provided some much needed
shade with wild green trees towering over the trail. I found that
trail really neat because it reminded me a lot of the roads in Oregon
because of how dense and green it was. The cheese factory after the
trail was definitely my highlight of the day because I had never been
to a Wisconsin cheese factory before. While in the gift shop of the
factory I sampled some ghost chili cheese, which delivered a spicy
kick unlike any other I had experienced before. They also had
chocolate flavored cheese, which tasted exactly like fudge. It was
also interesting to tour the factory and see how the entire cheese
making process works. They had cool rooms filled with aisles and
aisles of cheese wheels. I hope we get to visit more cheese factories
and dairy farms as we make our way through Wisconsin.

Menomonie, Day 2

Posted on July 04, 2012

Hello! Today we left from Hudson, Minnesota and biked to Menomonie,

Wisconsin. Gillian’s brother Adam (  member of the 2010 Jettride)
biked with us this morning. We appreciated his company. The weather
was hot and humid. We biked a constant up and down hill route.
Luckily, we were able to have lunch at a nice beach and take a
refreshing swim. Then we were off for our final miles of the day. We
encountered a lot of green scenery along the way. All of us were happy
when we finished our 50 miles and were able to stay at a nice,
cooling, and relaxing church. Overall, it was a good day. No flat
tires or falls and we had a nice group dinner at a local Mexican

-Love, The Jettriders

Colby’s take on the day: Yo, today was  hot, muggy, humid day; and
very challenging. Our breaks and lunch refreshed us greatly. Thanks to
all for the place to stay and food, we all greatly appreciate it!

Update from the Road, End of Day 1

Posted on July 03, 2012

Greetings from Wisconsin!

Today we rode to Hudson, WI where we’re staying with the Yeorg family. I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little bit about the Yeorgs. You’ll see Adam and Gillian in the picture below. (Hi guys!) Anyway, Gillian and Adam have both ridden in the JettRide before, and Gillian is an LIT on this year’s ride.

It’s really cool to see how they’ve been involved with the JettRide and the Jett Foundation since the first ride back in 2007. Thank you guys and your family so much for hosting us tonight!

Tomorrow morning, we hit the road again. We’ll have updates soon!

-The JettRiders

Gillian and Adam Yeorg



And the JettRide has Started!

Posted on July 01, 2012

Today is the start of the 2012 JettRide. Check out the facebook page: for more updates from the road. Special thanks to Mayor Winsteads office, Todd Lewis Chief of Police.Bloomington, and REI Bloomington for your efforts with our start line today. The group departed REI today after a few words from the mayors office via police escort under a temp of 92 degrees, cheered by family and friends of the Duchenne community.  Today they will ride to Hudson WI where the Yoerg family will host them this evening, and they will also enjoy a swim and scenery at Willow River State Park Waterfalls.

We’ll have more info and pictures from the road soon, and everyday we’ll have an update from the team right here on the JettRide site.